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Bakery and Pastry shop Doce Satisfação marked its 12th anniversary today. As a way of celebrating longevity in an increasingly competitive market, the family company decided to make a 120-meter-long, 450-pound plaid cake, offering everyone to attend in Santa Cruz.

To accompany this delight, there was no shortage of juice or beer, also offered by Doce Satisfação. In this meeting were thousands of people, who did not want to miss the cake that is the longest so far in Madeira, and that could be included in the list of records of the Guiness world records.

“In principle it will be the biggest cake in the world. I will compete, but fundamentally I want you to look with respect for Doce Satisfação, “said the businessman, advancing with concrete figures on the ingredients used: 3,600 eggs, an average of 115 bags of flour and about 45 pounds of cream.

“It is a recipe of our own and it is getting better because we are always improving our masses,” said António Jardim, who currently employs 28 people and has three stores. taken from DN