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The president of the Regional Government was this afternoon unable to leave the Airport because of bad weather that made it impossible to travel to Porto Santo at 5.30 pm.

Miguel Albuquerque was to preside over the solemn session of the Porto Santo City Day celebrations scheduled for 18.00.

Despite the absence of the president of the regional executive, the session took place and, as expected, was followed by a conference on Christopher Columbus and his relationship with Porto Santo, by Professor Vítor Manuel Adrião.

This was followed by the launch of a collection of postcards.

At 10:00 p.m., in Praça do Barqueiro, there will be a concert by the Light Orchestra of the Ansião Philharmonic.

A few flights have been scheduled for silly o’clock in the morning, I just dropped Nelio back at the airport where they will work through the night, to deal with the backlog of passengers.