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This was in this state that Santa Catarina Park was left in after the concert of yesterday, with the singer and producer Lucenzo.  Plastic cups, bottles, and packaging were among the garbage that was still visible at lunch time this Sunday for locals and tourists strolling through the gardens to see.

The local authority has already told the Café do Teatro group that it is their responsibility of cleaning the premises after the party.

According to JM, the promoter of the party last night, in the Park of Santa Catarina, has already been informed by the Municipality of Funchal that it is his responsibility to clean the enclosure and that he should do it immediately.

The information from the Camara was transmitted to the JM after the news and video that gives account of the state that that public space was published after the party of last night was.

At the end of the morning there were still hundreds of glasses and unpacked packages, with an unpleasant image especially for the people of Madeira and tourists who were in the public garden.

The event lasted until 2 am and admission was free.

After the party, the rubbish remained to be collected, which has generated several comments and criticisms of the Câmara do Funchal.