The helicopter has been fighting the fire of Boca dos Namorados, in Jardim da Serra, in an action to attack the flames of this late morning.

The JM knows that the air environment has already made several discharges of water in the place, mainly in the side of the slope of Curral das Freiras, where fire fighters and vehicles can not reach. 

Also, the helitransport team, made up of five professional firefighters, is on the ground along with the forest firefighting teams (ECIF) of three corporations. According to the latest update of the Civil Protection Service (SRPC), in the fight against the flames are three fire brigades, backed by several heavy and light vehicles. 

According to the SRPC, in what was its last information, the elements in the field are essentially carrying out surveillance actions against areas where fire is inaccessible. At present, only fighting the fire from the air has been possible.