Finally, good news for residents in the upper part of São Gonçalo and along the access road to Camacha: the fire that started last night, at the beginning of the night, has just been given as extinct, without reaching people or properties. Confirmation was made to the JM by source of firefighters in the area of operations.

After about ten hours, with several means of seven fire brigades, the fire was given as controlled between six and seven o’clock today.

About an hour later, firefighters are talking about an extinct fire. It is now going to enter into force the phase of aftermath, in which the firemen participate, but also the helicopter that has just been put to the service of this fire. The aerial service, which comes into action for the third time in Madeira, has already made a discharge and returned from the campo do 1.º de Maio. Other water discharges should be done to avoid any outbreaks. 

According to JM, for the success of the operation also contributed the strong contingent that was placed in the provision of people and property.