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The forest fire, which has just started in the Camacha area, between Vale Paraíso and Palheiro Ferreiro, is causing concern for authorities and the Regional Civil Protection Service (SRPC). At this time, the operation by air can not take action and the fire is moving southwards and is increasing in intensity.

There are already eight light and heavy vehicles of four Fire Brigade corporations, plus the Public Security Police (PSP) patrols and Rapid Intervention Teams (EIR) of the same police force. The Judiciary Police (PJ) will also be triggered for the necessary investigations.

At present, there are already four corporations that fight the flames. At the site there are already the Municipal Firefighters of Santa Cruz (BMSC), Municipal Firemen of Machico (BMM) Firemen Volunteers Madeirenses (BVM) and the  Firefighters of Funchal (CBSF), supported by several light and heavy firefighting vehicles. According to a source, who told the JM recently that the fire is burning in a vast area of ​​forest, and in this area there are already several corporations where they are fighting the flames in areas considered complicated. It is only the land environments that will fight the flames, since the helicopter can not operate during the night.

The JM knows that it is a forest fire that can reach large dimensions, because it is finding a lot of fuel to burn on the way, plus the wind is blowing strong in the area.