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If it were not for a round trip and the curiosity of the crew of a SANAS rescue boat in the coastal zone of Caniço, three young people could have finished their adventure in a tragic inflatable. The situation occurred on Thursday afternoon.

According to JM, three young people were lost for hours at sea, after a trip in an inflatable in the Garajau sea. The current and wind dragged the adventurous crew out of the observation zone and ended up drifting, offshore and off the coast. According to a SANAS crew member told JM, “it was an orange dot” at the bottom of the horizon and “in a blue sea and sunny day.”

According to account, the crew noticed this on the horizon and out of curiosity went to verify, and found that it was an object adrift.

That’s when the surprise came: it was an inflatable adrift with three young people inside. The SANAS crew member tells JM that he “could not believe” when he saw a “beach inflatable with three individuals inside and far from the coast”. Apparently, the young people were tired and unable to manoeuvre in the inflatable, besides not having any means of communication that ended up making it impossible to ask for help through 112.

They ended up being “towed” to Garajau beach, uninjured and relieved to be saved, if it were not for the SANAS, it could have turned into tragedy.