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It was another Binter operation to be canceled this morning at Madeira Airport. Initially scheduled for 7:30 am, the aircraft did not fly, allegedly due to adverse weather conditions. And in the meantime, planes from other companies were landing taking off.

Binter passengers to Porto Santo were promised new information at 12.15 p.m. and in the meantime the flight was canceled.

Binter don’t seem to be doing themselves any favours, and the lack of customer information will give them a bad name, as it already has done.

The National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) is already investigating Binter. The Diario Noticias knows that this investigation is due to the recent delays and cancellations of the inter-island flights (Madeira and Porto Santo) and also that the contracts are all valid and signed, which we were lead to believe they hadn’t been. 

A total of 9 flights were canceled today due to wind, but Monday looks much more settled.