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Emanuel Câmara, mayor of Porto Moniz, announced today the hiring of 18 employees for the city’s staff. Of these it is known that 16 are operational assistants and two are senior technicians who will start functions from next September 3.

In a session that took place in the City Hall, Emanuel Câmara and his executive received the 18 employees who underwent a rigorous selection process composed of three phases: written tests, psychological evaluation and a professional selection interview.

“These hirings come to fill a very large need that the municipality had to better respond to the needs and desires of those for whom we work, the people of Porto Moniz,” began by advancing the mayor. “Since 2005, the municipality has not hired any of its staff and, due to the strength and resilience of my executive, 13 years later, the chamber reopens the doors of the hiring. It aims not only to reinforce existing structures, such as operational assistants, but also to create new offices, which further professionalize the functioning of the City Council. The creation of a legal aid office and a civil protection bureau is also a reality today, with the hiring of a lawyer and a civil engineer “concluded the mayor.

The session ended with the signing of the respective employment contracts by the new employees and with the welcome of all the city council to all those who are now taking up their duties. Taken from JM

Great news for the area, the most visited area outside of Funchal.