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Mais Porto Santo challenged the Regional Government of Madeira to commit to a scale of the Naviera Armas vessel, which makes the maritime connection between Funchal and Portimão, in Porto Santo, in 2019 and 2020.

The challenge arises in the sense of “minimizing the collateral damage that is causing in the tourism and economy of Porto Santo,” argues Mais Porto Santo.

The movement also says that the ferry is “a great political failure, and represents an investment that costs 250 thousand euros per week (w / trip) to the Madeiran taxpayers.”

“Since it does not assume that it was wrong and took responsibility for paying another seven million euros to secure the maritime connection between Madeira and the Portuguese mainland, for two more years, despite the serious damage to Porto Santo, we urged the Regional Government to review the specifications, in the sense that the ship of the Armas ship-owner also calls at Porto Santo, as a way to attract more tourists to the Island, “says José António Castro.

For the councillor of the movement of independent citizens in the Municipality of Porto Santo “with a concerted strategy, with head and shoulders, we could seduce continental tourists in a kind of two in one, offering them the possibility of knowing two islands of the archipelago of Madeira” .

Porto Santo definitely needs more tourism, and the Ferry needs more options to make it survive, but does this Government along with the Sousas want it to survive. ???