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“There is sewage to pollute the waters of the sea next to the beach complex of Barreirinha, in Funchal, and to exude a nauseating smell”. It is in this way that the CDS initiates a communication, addressed to the media.

“It is inconceivable that Madeira be awarded for the 5th time as the best island destination in Europe and at the same time has one of the five worst beaches in the country,” said the CDS leader, after being approached by people who told him about the situation in Barreirinha.

In fact, the regional leader challenges the Regional Government, in particular the secretary of the Environment, and the Câmara do Funchal (it is the responsibility of the Frente-Mar company, the management of the bathing complexes) to publicly show what they have done or are doing  in this matter .

“It was important that the Regional Government showed the reports of this work,” says Rui Barreto, challenging the Funchal Chamber on the other hand, and understanding with the Executive to ensure the quality of the water at the bathing complexes, and to stop the “negative” image they are giving of Madeira. Taken from DN

This is not the only area that suffers from this, only last week I was told about raw sewage going into the sea near the Savoy Saccharum in Calheta, and is also a continuing problem at Reis Magos in Caniço de Baixo. Im sure there are many other places on the island also. I’m sure Gorgulho Beach in the Lido area also suffered from this. The government need to wake up to the fact they are spending more and more money where its not needed, and ignoring the places where it is needed, and places tourists like to use and visit.