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The Municipal Council of Funchal clarifies, through a statement that, contrary to what a news report said yesterday in the JM, and replicated in today’s print edition, it was reported that Rua Dr. Fernão de Ornelas would end the traffic already next Monday, in the context of the respective intervention of urban remodeling, which is about to begin, “the news” does not correspond to the truth. “

The municipality states that, although the work in question begins “in fact”, next Monday, August 13, “this will be done in a phased way, so that by the end of this year, road traffic will continue to can be done normally at Rua Dr. Fernão de Ornelas, between Largo do Phelps and Rua do Ribeirinho, “noting that in this first phase of the intervention,” only the basic sanitation networks will be replaced and the section between Rua Visconde de Anadia and Rua do Ribeirinho de Baixo, as shown in the image above.

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