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Ryanair’s Boeing 737-8AS, from East Midlands, London, landed this afternoon on in an emergency at Porto Santo Airport as it headed for the Canary Islands, all due to a couple who broke up and assaulted each other in mid-flight .

The man and the woman, in their 30s, caused moments of great tension aboard the plane, and many passengers even tried to separate them, without great success. The situation eventually forced the pilot of the aircraft to make a detour to the golden island airport, so that the necessary measures were taken.

According to information gathered, it is suspected that the couple is drunk and was the man who assaulted, in the first instance, the woman, in the face.

The man had been outside the station a few moments ago, talking to PSP and SEF agents, trying to get the security forces to let the episode go clear, which turned out to be ineffective. The couple are trapped on the golden island, while the plane heads to Tenerife.

There were 165 passengers on this flight.