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Paulo Cafôfo, the candidate of the Socialist-Madeira Party for the presidency of the Regional Government, defended the maritime connection by ferry on the Funchal-Lisbon line throughout the year. It was during the debate “Win 2019 – Madeira in Your Own Way”, inserted in the 16th Regional Congress of JS-M, at which time he answered the many questions posed to him by the young people present.

Regarding maritime mobility, the candidate considered that the departure and entry of the Region can and should be done by sea. Cafôfo is of the opinion that we can not be investing three million euros for three months “just to have a ferry” as a test, as the Vice-President of the Government said, and to be the rest of the year on a poster ». “We have to create conditions so that this ferry has other sustainability. And sustainability is to go, for example, in this line Funchal-Lisbon, “he said, adding that Portimão has a handicap, which is that it is in the south of the country.”In terms of passengers, in terms of volume and in terms of new attractiveness, Lisbon will certainly be a better destination and a better departure as well”, he said, pointing out that the port of Lisbon has to adapt with a “roll on / roll off “.  From FN