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I received this very nice email from Jerry who ran the charity sale at São Vicente Sunday, to help needy animals. Remember the sales will continue every Sunday through October.

Dear Tobi………. Thank you so much for listing our charity sale on your Blog…….. our sale was much more successful than anticipated and as a result of your post, we received numerous donations of both goods to sell as well as pet foods to distribute to the silent army of animal advocates dedicated to feeding and caring for the homeless cats and dogs of Madeira……..you were instrumental in making this the success we were hoping for……..again, many thanks…….. The Friends of 4 Patinhas, Animal Shelter of São Vicente

It will be good to let people know how effective your blog is in reaching all over Madeira.

Just One example a gentleman and his wife came from Ponta Do Sol with a generous donation of electronics and pet food as well as an offer to assist in Fund Raising Projects, followers of your blog…….we were surprised to find that people from other communities came the distance to support us…….. Again Thanks so much.

We will be in the Green Market every Sunday 10H to 18H in October, weather permitting.