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The tender for the construction of the new hospital in Madeira will be launched in October, pending the Regional Government that the executive of the Republic include financial support in the State Budget, said today the regional health secretary.

“What we know is that during the month of October the competition will be launched,” said Pedro Ramos, in the ambit of the celebrations of the 45 years of the Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital in Funchal.

The official admitted that the regional executive is “very pleased that, finally, the Council for the Monitoring of Financial Policies unanimously approved this new hospital unit of the country.” Pedro Ramos added that Madeira is now “waiting for the discussion of the State Budget and that the Government of the Republic (…) include multi annual funds until 2024, together with the region, for the financial implementation of this new hospital unit”

The official stressed the need for this new hospital, noting that the various existing structures have “a great longevity in terms of physical structure, which makes dispersion of resources make it more expensive to provide care in Madeira.”

The new hospital unit has an estimated cost of 340 million euros, being reimbursed 50% by the State.

About the current hospital of Funchal, Pedro Ramos highlighted its evolution over time, following the course of development of the archipelago.

Health “in 1974 had a certain image and in these 45 years we have improved this image with more human resources, more technology, more equipment, more organization, with better planning and response in acute situations, with the creation of greenways (…), better response in chronic diseases, procedures, “among other things, he said.

“Today we can say that the Regional Health Service responds to all situations, treats all diseases,” he said, noting that the only exception, due to the high cost, is the area of ​​transplants.

Accreditation of several services of the Funchal hospital, namely the palliative care and transfusion medicine units, was another aspect that pointed out.  From RTPM

I actually think the health care service here is appalling, people waiting 10 years or more for knee or hip operations. The waiting lists are disgusting, and on such a small island with a very low population should be improved. A friend of mine recently has a scan of her stomach, which the doctor asked for 2 years ago, gives you no faith at all.

I will say that having spent 3 weeks in hospital a few years back, the nurses and cleaning staff were amazing, working with hardly any of the basic equipment that is needed and used everyday. So Pedro Ramos, A lot needs to be improved…..