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The Fort of São José, the Island of Pontinha, the Principality of Pontinha from the previous owner, Renato Barros, who acquired the space, in 2000, for nine thousand contos, 45 thousand euros today. A noble space from the architectural and patrimonial point of view, a space with history. It was sold in 2017 as a result of insolvency proceedings. The new owners want to give the Forte the dignity that their historical path confers.

Renato Barros was the owner until September 2017, developed an authentic “crusade” for the affirmation of an objective, in his own view, of an eccentricity, in the perspective of others. The independent island was, and always was, what he called a dream, a lot of struggle, some impossibility to the mixture and discussion under the perspective of the interpretation of history. For Renato Barros was simple, on September 6, 2010, he formally requested the Portuguese State “the immediate recognition of the Principality of Pontinha as a” sovereign and independent state. ”

A situation was reached that led Renato Barros to a process of insolvency, by debts, with the appointment of the respective administrator. On September 22, 2017, the deed took place in Funchal. The Forte de São José changed ownership, a group of Madeiran emigrants who already had a purpose, who now intend to materialise by passing to the executive part of the project, once the procedural part is settled. Taken from FN