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Thanks to Helen for sharing this information. I mentioned this shop back on my blog in January, so its good to mention it again, and help the good causes they support.

As charity/second hand shops are not common in Madeira, I suspect that a lot of you will not be aware of Estimei. I went there today to donate some of my “nearly new” clothes and was very impressed. They not only have clothes, there are also paintings, books (English & Portuguese), bric a brac, and furniture. The shop is on Rua dos Ferreiros, 141, just a short walk from the Municipal Square (same street as the Jesuit College). Anything that isn’t good enough to be sold is “upcycled”. They do a great job helping poor and needy people and also animals. Took a few photos to give you some idea of what it is like. I offered to spread the word as they told me that there is still a big stigma about buying from second hand shops in Madeira.

Check out their Facebook Page