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This morning was held in Campo da Barca, the auction promoted by the Regional Directorate of Heritage and Management of Shared Services ( PaGeSP ) for the sale of the Golden Building.

The bidding base was € 12.6 million, but at that price, no one submitted bids.

In the face of the situation, everything indicates that the Region will make a new auction, possibly with a lower base value.

It should be remembered that it concerns the sale of 9 floors of the building where  for example, the Regional Secretariat for Agriculture and Fisheries has offices. 

For Sale

  • Number of Floors: 9
  • Gross Building Area: 5 159.90 m 2
  • Private Gross Area: 4 791.00 m 2
  • Gross Dependent Area: 368.90 m 2
  • Base Amount: € 12,600,000.00 (twelve million and six hundred thousand euros)