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After the controversy surrounding the first bust of Cristiano Ronaldo placed at Madeira Airport, which ended up being replaced by another, Emanuel Santos is about to finalise a new work of art in honor of the Madeiran ace.

The announcement was made this Thursday by himself, through social networks, where he shares a photograph of his work.

Although incomplete, the sculpture has been the subject of much praise.

The Madeira Economic newspaper, which has since been in the conversation with the sculptor, reveals more details of this work of art. Emanuel Santos is happy to explain, in this way, why he decided to move on to a second work of art by the Portuguese international.

“I did it for myself and decided to share it,” said Emanuel Santos, adding that if there is no opportunity to exhibit the work, it will remain in his personal collection.

“I will only finish the bronze bust if anyone expresses interest in it because the costs are significant,” says Emanuel Santos, expressing his admiration for the Madeiran ace.

“I have great admiration for Cristiano Ronaldo as a footballer and that has not changed, although everything has happened. I do not know if the replacement of the bust at the airport went through him, but that does not change my recognition of his talent, “says the sculptor.