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Madeira has welcomed some 6,000 Portuguese and Portuguese-descendant emigrants from Venezuela since 2016, Miguel Rodrigues, Regional Government President, said today.

“The last survey, of July, is six thousand people in a situation of great precariousness who arrived in Madeira,” Miguel Albuquerque told Lusa, following a hearing at the Assembly of the Republic.

The president of the Madeiran Regional Government said that the costs of integration of migrants and Luso-descendants are not yet closed, requiring accounting for, for example, housing expenses, an area in which, he said, there are “more than 300 urgent requests” for part of that community.

On Wednesday, the Secretary of State of the Communities, José Luís Carneiro, will meet with the Madeiran Regional Secretary, and a regional secretary will be able to accompany the president’s visit to Venezuela next weekend.

The latest balance sheet recorded that 4,500 people had traveled to Madeira since the worsening economic and social situation in Venezuela in 2016.

Asked by Lusa about the inclusion of a budget in the State Budget (OE) for 2019 regarding the costs of integration of these people, Miguel Albuquerque left the question open.

“We will discuss with the Secretary of State, we must talk to the Government, and the Secretary of State [of the Communities] is a person who has been available for dialogue, to accompany us, and has helped us because we can not take it by yourself, “he replied.

Miguel Albuquerque was questioned by the CDS-PP deputy Pedro Mota Soares on the “great challenge” posed by the return of the Portuguese emigrants in Venezuela.

Miguel Albuquerque reiterated his proposal to create a humanitarian corridor to get help for the Portuguese and Portuguese-descendants, and in support of those who returned to Madeira said that “there is a situation that forces and will oblige investment of the Portuguese State”, which did not count.

The visit of the Secretary of State of the Communities to Venezuela next weekend is taking place at a time when Portuguese and Luso-descendants managers and supermarket managers in that country who were arrested accused of impeding the supply of basic products and violating laws regulating prices.

Translated from Jornal Madeira.