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This is a direct translate from club naval Funchal, it’s rather a lot of text, and I’m heading to bed for my beauty sleep… Lol

The Clube Naval do Funchal, in partnership with the Regional Canoeing Association of Madeira and the Portuguese Canoeing Federation, will carry out on Sunday 23 September the 5th edition of the Madeira Ocean Race, a more radical canoeing event as it happens in zones of winds and favorable ripples (the so-called downwind routes).

The start will be given in front of the Ribeira Brava beach at 11:00 am this Sunday, with a destination of 12 km in Funchal bay, whose estimated time for completion of the race is between 90 and 120 minutes. The arrival of the first vessels to the Pontoon of the São Lázaro Nautical Center is scheduled between 12.00 and 12.30.

The public presentation ceremony was held today at the facilities of the Nautical Center of São Lázaro and was attended by the CNF Director of the CNF, Cristina Quaresma, who thanked the “support of all public and private partners in the work of the Funchal Naval Club and in the and stressed the importance of strategic definition of sporting events regarding their organization and optimization of synergies, noting that the CNF “will do everything to give a new direction to this event, dignifying the canoeing modality that already took two Naval athletes to the Olympic Games, “referring to Helena Rodrigues and David Fernandes.

The “nautical culture” of the Clube Naval was praised by António Alves, Head of Division of Sports of the Funchal City Council who took the opportunity to announce that the Madeira Ocean Race is part of the program of the European Sports Week, event from 23rd to September 30 in the ambit of the sports policy of the Municipality of Funchal.

Viriato Timóteo, president of the Regional Canoeing Association of Madeira, focused his speech on the importance of the “competitive side of the event”, highlighting the presence of 44 crews in the competition, with clubs such as the Alentejano Litoral, Sporting and Benfica present and selection athletes national. The president of the Regional Canoeing Association of Madeira also praised the event, referring to being a race already “nationally and internationally renowned” and left a “word of appreciation” to Humberto Fernandes – race director – referring to being the ” engine “of this project.

Francisco Gomes who was present to represent the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture, did not fail to praise the CNF regarding the “strength of the CNF brand” and the commitment of this and previous directions to endow the RAM with yet another competitive moment makes it possible to affirm the region at international level as a reference center for sea-related sport. Francisco Gomes, also said that the “Naval Club in Madeira is synonymous with sea, success and excellence, through small or large organizations, by placing athletes at the highest levels like the Olympic Games,” without neglecting the work of other clubs regional authorities.

To accompany the event, the organization has available a catamaran in partnership with VMT M adeira, where those interested can take a stroll along the south coast of the island, while supporting the nautical sport. (reservations at the Secretariat of the Nazaré Sports Complex).

The event will be divided into categories of SS1, 1-place and SS2 vessels, 2-seater vessels ranging from junior to Veterans and 62 athletes from 15 clubs across the country, including the Azores and Madeira, are enrolled.

OV Madeira Ocean Race also counts on 5 athletes from Spain, with highlight to Carlos Perez Rial – Spain – SS1 senior – Gold Medal in OJ Beijing 2008 and of Aurora Palomeras a strong candidate for victory, bronze medal in the European Marathon Championships in 2017. Note also for the participation for the fifth consecutive year of Emanuel Silva of Sporting Clube de Portugal, gold medal in K2 500 meters in the Olympic Games of London 2012 and of colleague of k4, Joao Ribeiro of Sport Lisboa and Benfica, along with David Fernandes, international athlete of Clube Naval do Funchal, 6th place in the Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro in 2016.