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The Regional Government of Madeira has regulated, by means of two ordinances, the conditions for carrying out activities in the marine environment of the Desertas and Selvagens Islands Nature Reserve, as well as the respective regulation on human activities.

With the publication of these two autonomous directives, but with the same objective and that enter into force today; the conditions of access to the two protected reserves of the archipelago are regulated.

The executive argues that “the protected areas of the Region constitute an important natural regional resource, whose tourist demand has increased exponentially over the last years”, in addition to “that nature and scientific tourism is a type of tourism that does not collide with the values ​​underlying the creation of protected areas “.

Thus, for the Desertas Islands Natural Reserve (RNID), the government says that visitor access cannot exceed 2,500 people per month, and no more than 250 can be on land, and the maximum number of individuals per night is 12.

The night “is conditioned to the places marked on the island Deserta Grande, in tents next to the support station in the area of ​​the dock”, with a maximum of two nights.

Requests must be made in advance, in the case of individuals or groups, and “tourism companies and tour operators, licensed for the exercise of their activity, may apply for a long-term authorization, valid for no longer than one year”.

The regulation also specifies the activities of wildlife observation and geo-diversity, hiking, diving, the latter being limited to a maximum of 10 people and diving being “forbidden in the presence of sea lions.”

In the Selvagens Islands, the regional government limits the monthly number of visitors to 500, and cannot be “on land, at the same time, more than 50”, keeping the same number of people who can stay overnight on that island as the Desertas Islands, total of 12.

In this reserved area, the executive limited the overnight stay to just one night, as well as scientific activity.

“The maximum number allowed for study visits and involvement in monitoring and / or scientific work shall not exceed six persons per group, except in duly justified cases and if the activity is considered to be of high relevance,” he alleges.

Regarding the other activities allowed in the Big Wild, the executive forces the same type of rules emanating for the Desertas Islands.