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A motorcyclist died early in the morning of today following a serious car accident on the expressway in the area of ​​the Pinheiro tunnel,  in the municipality of Funchal, near Cancela, which involved a light passenger car. The man, in his early forties, did not resist severe cranial injuries and died in the emergency room.

The Madeiran Volunteer Fire-fighters and EMIR were on site, and started the Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support manoeuvres, then made the transportation to the emergency room. Despite the effort of the road rescue teams and the doctors in the hospital, the death would be confirmed shortly after entering the emergency department.

Authorities were there and took care of the incident, which took place in the first hour of Wednesday. The cause of the accident is still unknown, but may be related to a poorly calculated overtaking by the motorist. Only the skills and some testimonies will determine the causes of the serious accident.

The JM knows that the victim was a former hockey player, and a man well-known in the business community of Madeira.