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The Regional Police of the Police of Public Safety of Madeira reports in a statement that “the arrest of a male citizen, at the age of 43, for the crime of drug trafficking.”

The operation “was developed by the Police Division of C.ª de Lobos – Criminal Investigation Station, after investigations that aimed at the cultivation of ‘Cannabis’ plants, a substance prohibited by law, in  Estreito de Câmara de Lobos.

The same entity informs that after “signaling the land where they were found it was possible to seize 8 plants of this illegal substance, with a total of 21 kg, thus causing the identification and detention of its owner.”

The individual “was present at the Judicial Court of Funchal today having been applied the measure of coercion of Term of Identity and Residence.”

The Regional Command of PSP of Madeira concludes the press note reminding that, according to the current legislation, the simple cultivation of this type of plant is criminally punished.