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Just a reminder that one of the most beautiful stretches of road, and an easy way up to Paul da Serra finally reopens tomorrow.

A year after being closed due to the fires that left the area in a very bad condition, the road from Lombo do Mouro, which connects Encumeada to Bica da Cana, will reopen on Wednesday to traffic.

Repair work on the road has already ended so as to allow free movement of goods from tomorrow.

However, despite being one of the most beautiful roads in Madeira in terms of landscape, the Regional Government, through the Regional Secretariat of Equipment and Infrastructures warns that this route – much sought after by tourists and Madeira – has both the beautiful and the dangerous.

For this reason, the Regional Government guarantees that it will continue to closely monitor this security issue, stating that the road, due to the existence of more adverse weather conditions (rains and high winds), will have to be promptly closed.

It should be noted that in the last year, the intervention work on the site has been through the elimination of much vegetation and the accompaniment of the more aggressive erosion process. After all these months, the Regional Government understands that the security situation has been restored, that is, it was similar to the one that existed prior to the fires.