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TAP will maintain the wind limits it has set for landings at the airport on Madeira Island, as it has studied the matter and has “its standard of operation and safety,” said the airline’s chief executive officer.

The theme was one of those that most marked today’s hearing in Antonoaldo Neves’ parliamentary committee, which told journalists that it was up to the regulator in some matters to be able to set limits and that “it is up to the operator to decide whether or not to operate within that limit below that limit. “

“TAP is comfortable with the limit it operates today, believing it to be the safest way to operate,” said Antonoaldo Neves, who said that he had asked for a “deep assessment of the limits practiced in Madeira” when he became president of TAP. the current and future aircraft of the island.

After hearing more than three hours in the Committee on Economy, Innovation and Public Works, the journalist said that “even if the limits are changed, TAP will keep”, it is because he studied the subject.

“Third parties can come to different conclusions from TAP, but TAP has its standard of operation, has its standard of safety, which I have reviewed, along with the technicians, and we think they are very suitable, even based on the new airplane – A320 neo- that recently landed in Madeira, precisely to test the limits of the wind, “he said.

The CEO of the carrier clarified this afternoon, inside and outside the chamber of the parliamentary hearing, that TAP “does not operate for Madeira, or for another destination, in the public service legislation.”

“We operate in a competitive environment. We have put another two thousand flights in the autonomous regions since the company was privatized. Only in Madeira more 200 thousand seats a year, “he added, to argue that if he wanted high prices had not increased the number of seats.

According to the manager, TAP “wants and has worked to lower prices for Madeira”, and that the current values ​​are lower than before the privatization of the company.

Translated from Diario Noticias