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A 25-year-old man died at home Wednesday afternoon in Caniço after suffering a cardiac arrest (CRP). According to a fire department source, the victim was no longer alive when he was found by his father.

A sudden illness followed by cardiorespiratory arrest (CRP) led to the death of a young man living in Caniço. According to Jornal Madeira, it was the father of the young man who found his son already without vital signs, by the time he arrived home.

He soon alerted 112 who promptly fired the Rapid Intervention Medical Team (EMIR) and an ambulance from the Santa Cruz Municipal Fire Department (BMSC). Despite the efforts of the EMIR medical team and the pre-hospital fire brigade staff, it was not possible to recover the boy’s signs of life, and the death occurred on the spot.

It is suspected that the young man, who was at home alone, will have undergone the PCR a few minutes ago, which made resuscitation maneuvers difficult. 
The Public Security Police (PSP) and the health delegate are already on site.