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The shocking truth behind our health service.

The number of people waiting for an appointment, diagnostic exams and surgeries is increasing. The sum of the cases in the three situations referred to is 60,000, “the highest number ever”, as MEP Pereira said in a press conference this morning.

For the CDS-PP, the discussion about the construction of the new hospital can not forget the real problems that Madeirans and Portosanans have in health care.”60 thousand Madeirans are waiting for a response from the Regional Health Service,” explained the deputy and doctor Mário Pereira. “Of these 60 thousand, about a third, that is, 20 thousand are waiting for surgery. This figure is unbearable, it’s the highest ever and it means there are 2,000 more people on the waiting list than when dr. Miguel Albuquerque took office in 2015.”

A situation that the parliamentarian says he can not continue because it “endangers the life and quality of life” of many Madeiran people. Solutions are needed.”The CDS will present in Budget, as it did in previous years, a solution for more Madeirans to be operated in the Regional Health Service because we are sure that many Madeirans do not have the money to pay for their surgeries. It’s an unparalleled situation. The government of the Azores has special programs that allow many patients to be operated on the continent when their service does not respond, “said Mário Pereira.

The party led by Rui Barreto will urge the Regional Budget for 2019 to “substantially” strengthen the funds to fight the long waiting list for surgeries.