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So a few cases of Animal Cruelty have been highlighted in the news the last couple of days, stories are below.

Leading photo from a terrace often covered in shit in Caniço de Baixo, which only seems to get cleared up when there is nowhere else to tread.

Association rescues new born litter in Monte.

The Association to Help Feed Dogs (AAAC) yesterday rescued new-born puppies that had been left to abandon in a garbage zone in the parish of Monte.

Abandoned without the progenitor, when the volunteers arrived, they could no longer rescue one of the pups that had already lost their life.

According to information released on AAAC’s social network Instagram, the association is looking for owners for the new-borns. They also shared a video of the moment the dogs were rescued, which led several cybernauts to express their displeasure at the act of abandonment.



Seven Dogs Poisoned in Funchal 

One man reported the appearance of seven dead dogs on the Pico Infante Road, near the Madeira Stadium in Funchal.

For four years, Paulo Nunes had been in the habit of going to the place to feed the animals, he said, adding that he had been fined for that reason. He says that he even went to the Funchal Municipal Council to report the situation.

However, on this time he went there, he found seven – of the nine animals that were often there – lifeless. He suspects that they will have died poisoned because he found a piece of meat at the foot of one of them. He told JM that it was he who buried the bodies.

“The Dogs did not hurt anyone,” said the man.

Dog left on balcony in utter filth by some scum owner

This post below has been highlighted today on Facebook, an has been shared and commented on many times with disgust to the owner.

Thanks to Pedro for sharing this post and allowing me to share the photos here on my blog. To see the original Post on Facebook Click Here

Pedro will give me an update on this story, he has tried one of the animal charities but no reply, (I know that feeling). The police will probably be the next step, but he doesn’t want them just coming there and removing the dog in some cage and not knowing what will happen to it. The post has been shared almost 700 times since it was posted 4 hours ago.


So we have seen all these new laws come in about better treatment for animals, animals will no longer be put down, and new homes found for them, but what are the Government actually doing, cause to me it seems the same as always, bloody nothing…

Does anyone know of any person who has been fined in Madeira for the mistreatment of an Animal, for not having their pet chipped so they know the owners??? any fines????

There are also many animal charities on this island, most of them in huge debts with the vets they use, to me these charities do not help themselves either, I have contacted many over the past, offering help, food and other bits I have and hardly any have responded, they are all crying out for help, but when its offered do nothing.

Is it not possible for the Vets on this Island the charities to try and work together , and make the Government do what they promise to do, and start dishing out fines to all owners of animals, who do not follow the laws, and make sure that these people that have no interest in animals, are banned for ever owning one.

Working together and helping is the way forward, and then hey have the voice to attack the government.