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The Casa do Pico das Pedras, in Santana, has been renovated and will be available from tomorrow for the general public, being limited to short stays, up to three days. The president of the Regional Government visits this Wednesday the space at 11 o’clock.

Miguel Albuquerque joins this house to the six already available: the one of Lombo do Mouro; a casa anexa do Lombo do Mouro; a da Rocha do Navio (Santana); a das Sorveiras (Pico do Areeiro); a do Cedro (Montado do Pereiro); e a do Pico Branco (Porto Santo), which are also in operation. Of the group, the Lombo do Mouro, Sorveiras and Cedro are the most sought, says the Cabinet of Miguel Albuquerque.

Located in the Forestry Perimeter of Queimadas, this house offers the beauty of the landscape and the possibility of enjoying walking routes. For there to spend up to a maximum of three days you have to register at the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation, in person or through the address https://ifcn.madeira.gov.pt. It entails the payment of 25 euros per day, regardless of the number of guests. The house of Pico das Pedras has capacity to accommodate ten people. It has three bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and a bathroom with hot water shower. The kitchen is equipped with a gas stove, a wood oven, a refrigerator and a water heater.

The house may also be required for cultural, social, sporting or other events, provided that it fits the purposes and conditions of the property.