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It was in Santo da Serra that it rained the most on Monday, with the locality being the target of a ‘load of water’ at dawn, registering 39.8 litres per square meter in just one hour (between 07:30 and 08:30) , almost reaching the red warning level for precipitation (> 40 mm / 1h).

Much of this ‘water trickle’ fell in just 10 minutes (14.8 mm).

Of all the IPMA stations in the Region, besides the station located in Santo da Serra, also that of Lugar de Baixo, in Ponta do Sol, were very close to reaching the orange warning level early this morning, counting 19, 5 mm / 1h.

Up to 10 o’clock, these two stations were the only ones to register rainfall levels with a level of precipitation for risk situations, which in the case of the amount precipitated in Santo da Serra, remained moderate to high but with less than half a litre of reaching the extreme risk level, in accordance with the IPMA criteria for the issuance of weather warning.

Since it began to rain, the total rainfall recorded until 10 am this Monday was 49.1 mm in the Santo da Serra and 40.5 mm in the Lugar de Baixo.

In the other stations on the island of Madeira, the one at Caniçal, reached a warning level of 11 mm / 1h.

In Porto Santo rain also came to arrive already almost at the end of the dawn of this Monday (5.4 mm).

The only territory of the archipelago of Madeira without rainfall until mid-morning today was the Selvagens.