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Fanal is on Paul da Serra the plateau of Madeira and is part of The Laurissilva Forest one of the most beautiful natural treasures of Madeira.

This forest is about 20 million years old, and despite its advanced age, it is full of energy.

In the past, it was distributed in southern Europe and North Africa, but it did not withstand the cold temperatures of the Ice Age, and today it only remains in some areas of the Macaronesia.

The Laurissilva Forest chose Madeira Island to live. It is here that has a greater expression, occupying an area of ​​about 20% of the territory, especially on the north coast of the Island.

In 1999, it was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

We feel so lucky to be gifted with this natural beauty.

A place I visit when possible, but you have to be lucky with the weather as it can often be covered in cloud and mist.

Saturday we went for a drive and chanced the weather, the cloud was thick all the way from Encumeada, we couldn’t see anything.

We arrived at Fanal and tried to take a short walk, but the weather was not being kind, we decided to eat our lunch there in the cloud, it was not raining and still warm, as we ate our lunch the weather cleared in minutes and we enjoyed a walk round this beautiful area.

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