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According to the most recent note issued by IPMA, the uncertainty regarding the LESLIE trajectory remains high, and it is only possible to determine the most reliable trajectory within 24 hours. The forecasts for more than 24 hours continue to indicate different trajectories.

The latest forecasts point to a deviation from the trajectory of Hurricane LESLIE to northern Madeira, and may also reach mainland Portugal.

The latest available forecasts indicate that there is an average wind gust up to 40 to 60 km / h from 3am on Saturday, with maximum wind gusts that should not exceed 90/110 km / h, but there is a probability between 30 and 50% occurrence of average winds with tropical storm force (between 63 and 118 km / h) for the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo from Saturday morning. The waves should reach 5 to 7 meters, with a maximum height of 10 to 12 meters, in the period between 13 and 19h local on Saturday. Heavy precipitation is also expected between 7 am and 4 pm local time on Saturday.

Most flights have already been cancelled for tomorrow. There is a chance later on the evening some flights will arrive, but we could see all flights cancelled.