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Twenty-four hours from the increasingly probable tropical storm ‘Leslie’ will hit the Region, the Regional Government ensures that Madeira is prepared for what will eventually come.

“Based on what the forecasts are and on what the Regional Secretary for Health and Civil Protection in the various briefings they have held, about 3 during yesterday, to analyse the probabilities of the passage of the tropical storm ‘Leslie’ here in the Autonomous Region of Madeira and to initiate a series of warnings for the population and for all entities that usually have to be alert in these exceptional situations, “said this Friday morning the Regional Secretary Pedro Ramos, with the protection of the Civil protection.

“This is another exceptional situation. Madeira is ready to respond and today there will be more briefings to follow along with IPMA, to know exactly what we should do. What is planned is between noon on Saturday and noon on Sunday, these are the 24 hours where in fact the eye of this storm may possibly disrupt the normal functioning of our daily life in the RAM, but the Civil Protection is prepared to respond, “said the official.

Taken from DN

As always I will keep you updated with any news on Storm Leslie through out the next few days. The worse should pass by Sunday morning, I think there will be disruption at the airport tomorrow, so anyone travelling to the Island tomorrow be prepared, take some extra food, drink, battery charger for mobile phone etc.