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If you have ever been diving off the coast of Garajau, then you might have met Elvis.

Elvis is a Mero or Brown Grouper in English I believe, he has been living about 30 meters below the ocean off the beach of Garajau, and has been there for over 20 years. If you watch any videos of diving from Garajau, Elvis will probably be in the video. He loves being petted by the divers and knows many of the instructors well, and even takes food from their hands.

The Restaurant and Diving Center in Garajau is named Mero after the fish that can often be seen there. The restaurant offers a great menu with plenty of fish and seafood, great for groups and watching the sunset from this time of year. You can even request the cable car to take you down and return if you don’t ant to drive down.

Here is just one of the many videos featuring Elvis.