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A new catamaran, owned by a Frenchman who has business activity in the Free Zone, but also in Funchal, connected to new technologies arrived in Funchal at the end of yesterday.

The new vessel, which was acquired in Gibraltar under the name Weiss, was a few days in the Marina of Portimão where it legalized certain procedures before traveling to Funchal, being delivered by the former owners.

This catamaran, of the leopard brand, has the peculiarity not to have mast, not being able to sail.

A Frenchman named Jerome bought the catamaran and it seems that the owner will transfer the license from an old boat he owned  to this new vessel that is legalized and may have a Portuguese name.
According to verified information, the owner is committed to acquire a company that is active in this area of ​​business.
Taken from Funchal Noticias.