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A police investigation into alleged fraudulent acquisition of the mobility allowance is underway in the Region and Jornal Madeira knows that the Judiciary Police have already been called upon to intervene in this kind of aid, which means so much to the people of Madeira. What could be the tip of something more complex happened last week, when the station of the CTT of Santana refused to make a refund of air tickets to the Folk Group of Porto da Cruz. This has been confirmed to the JM by the president of the direction of this group of dances and traditional songs, Cláudio Nóbrega. The passages in question, according to the associative leader, are related to a trip made by the group last August to the Azores, specifically Faial Island, to participate in the International Folklore Festival, in the context of Sea Week. Faced by our newspaper, the owner of the travel agency ‘Golden Discovery’ was surprised by the refusal to repay the folklore group and also said he was unaware of other similar situations involving clients of the agency. Nelson Pestana Gouveia said that so far was not approached by officials of the authorities in relation to this matter, but a source close to this process confirmed to our newspaper that the police were in the facilities of the CTT of Santana to investigate a possible fraud.