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The Government Council, meeting on October 11, 2018, decided to award the contract for the “Regularisation of the Final Section of Ribeira da Madalena do Mar” to the proposal submitted by the company Tecnovia-Madeira, Sociedade de Empreitadas, SA, at the contractual price of € 6,784,995.00 (six million, seven hundred and eighty-four thousand, nine hundred and ninety-five euros), plus VAT.
The Executive took into account and accepted all the proposals of the jury of the competition limited by prior qualification for the work, contained in the final report of the analysis and evaluation phase of the proposals.
The contract time is 540 days.
Quinta Vigia decided to delegate to the Regional Secretary for Infrastructure and Equipment the power to approve the draft and grant the contract, to sign the necessary declarations for the investigation of the case to be submitted to the prior supervision of the Court of Auditors and to carry out all acts relating to the stage of performance of the contract.