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The amount of rainfall this afternoon in Madeira, more significant in the North Coast and mountainous regions, ‘justified’ the yellow warning issued at the end of the morning by the IPMA, alerting to showers that can sometimes be strong and accompanied by thunder, until mid-morning, in Madeira and Porto Santo.

Up to 18 hours, the highest volume of precipitation occurred in Ponta de São Jorge, Santana County, where, in just one hour, the amount of rainfall exceeded the yellow warning level, reaching 22.8 litres per meter (21 to 40 mm / 1h corresponds to orange warning). With the relevant peculiarity of great part of this strong downpour to have occurred in only half an hour (18,3 mm).

Also significant was the rainfall occurred in four other locations where the IPMA has stations, with records according to the yellow warning criterion recorded at the two stations located in the Areeiro zone (Pico do Areeiro: 14.0 mm / 1 h; Chão do Areeiro : 11.1 mm / 1h), and also in Monte (12.5 mm / 1h) and Porto Moniz (10.2 mm / 1h).

Equally significant were the extreme air temperatures felt today in Madeira. The highest maximum temperature was registered this afternoon in Funchal, reaching 29.6ºC in the Lido. In the opposite direction, the lowest low was of 8.9ºC and it was verified, at the end of the night, in Bica da Cana.

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