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The wind increased in intensity in the morning, reaching Achadas da Cruz at 09:00 h at 118 km / h on the Lombo da Terça.

This episode of maximum wind contrasted with the slight wind weakening registered in most of the stations of the IPMA, although it returned to surpass the 100 km / h also in the zone of the Areeiro. Here, the station of Chão do Areeiro – the highest station with anemometer – registered a gust of 101 km / h (08h40), still lower than the 109 km / h recorded during the morning (05h30).

The rain that has slowed down early in the morning has not yet appeared in Santana or Porto Santo. Chão do Areeiro and Pico Alto were the locations with the highest precipitation recorded since midnight: 31.9 mm and 31.00 mm, respectively. Taken from DN

The worse now seems over, and brightening up here, with the storm tracking towards Lisbon where it will die out over land. Its worth keeping an eye on flights, as those especially from Lisbon, will be affected into tomorrow. The Sea is expected to become much rougher over the next few hours as the tide also comes in.