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The German tourist who felt ill this afternoon, while traveling the Levada dos Tornos, ended up dying on the spot,  a victim of sudden illness, probably a heart attack.

After some time to look for the couple of tourists, who walked together in this levada, the Municipal Firemen of Santa Cruz arrived at the place and they were faced with the worse one. The 82-year-old man was already wuthout vital signs.

At this moment, the Municipal Firefighters of Santa Cruz are rescuing the body for the road. The health official has already been called to confirm the death of this tourist who is reported to have been the victim of a heart attack, which will be confirmed by autopsy.

The German couple would be staying at a hotel in Canico, where the woman would have called this afternoon for help. It will have been one of the employees of this hotel unit to alert the firemen to what happened.