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Thank you so much to Maggie for sending me this information.

Maggie also added if you buy the passport you get money off your tour so better to buy one when you do your first tour with them. The lady also said you get 10% off anything you buy in La Vie and other retailers. Also the map you get is far better than the normal tourist map of Funchal.

It costs €8 and the money goes towards helping students who attend the University of Madeira with books and materials.

It is a travel journal meant for all the visitors in our region and the residents who want to get to know their island from a different point of view. Being an object which promotes the movement between several points of interest, it urges its user to collecting, gives benefits and discounts in several attractions and allows its use throughout several years, with a system of incentives and recognitions for when the visitor returns.

How does it work?

In each attraction there is a stamp, specifically made for each of the members of the project. Collect your stamp as a keepsake. Some points give, still, several discounts and benefits.

I have the passport, now what?

Having your copy of the passport, you may go discover Madeira through several points of interest: museums, cultural institutions, tourist attractions, gardens and parks, musical events, cultural events and many more points of interest.

Where can I get the Cultural Passport?

Marítimo Store

Address: Rua Doutor Pita, number 41
9000 – 160 Funchal

[email protected]
Phone number: +351 291 708 300

Barreirinha Bathing Complex
Address: Largo do Socorro
9060 – 305 Funchal

[email protected]
Phone number: +351 291 105 760

Lido Bathing Complex

Address: Rua do Gorgulho
9000 – 107 Funchal

[email protected]
Phone number: +351 291 105 760

Ponta Gorda Bathing Complex

Address: Passeio Público Marítimo, Ponta Gorda
9000 – 758 Funchal
[email protected]
Phone number: +351 291 105 760

Doca do Cavacas Bathing Complex

Address: Rua Ponta Cruz – Piornais
9000 – 103 Funchal

[email protected]
Phone number: +351 291 105 760
Madeira Film Experience

Address: Rua Conselheiro José Silvestre
Marina Shopping, store 223
9000 – 060 Funchal

[email protected]
Phone number: +351 291 222 748

Madeira Wine Company

Address: Avenida Arriaga, number 28
9000 – 064 Funchal

[email protected]
Phone number: +351 291 740 100

Madeira’s Lime Route

Address: Sítio da Achada do Furtado do Barrinho, Lameiros
9240 – 211 São Vicente

[email protected]
Phone number: +351 291 842 018

VMT – Catamaran Trips

Address: Marina do Funchal, store 9
9000 – 005 Funchal

[email protected]
Phone number: +351 291 224 900
+351 963 796 860

Gaudeamus – Jesuits’ College of Funchal

Address: Rua dos Ferreiros
9000 – 039 Funchal

[email protected]
Phone number: +351 291 70 50 60

History Tellers

Armazém do Mercado
Address: Rua Latino Coelho, number 39
9060 – 155 Funchal

[email protected]
Phone number: +351 291 705 059


Associação Académica da UMa (Students’ Union of the University of Madeira)
Phone number: +351 291 70 50 60
Campus Universitário da Penteada