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Thanks to Helen for letting me know the evening at the Fort was a great success  even though the poor visibility for the stars and planets.  Here is a thank you.

Thanks Tobi for helping to publicise the Stars & Bling event, which was held at the Fort Sao Tiago on Saturday night.  The evening was a great success and we’ve had lots of messages from people who attended to say how much they enjoyed it.    We started off on the upper terrace where the Astronomy Society had set up their impressive telescopes and drinks and nibbles were served.  Despite it being very cloudy, it was still possible to catch brief glimpses of Saturn and Mars. They also brought a laptop and displayed previously photographed images of the planets.  I’d like to say a big “thank you” to the Astronomy Society who worked hard to make the star-gazing enjoyable despite the poor visibility and to the Staff at the Fort for a lovely meal and excellent service.  Thanks also to Alex McCall for liaising with the Staff at the Fort and to Rick Rodrigues for his help in communicating with Sr Fernado Dois from the Astronomy Society who has said that the donations offered to the group were greatly appreciated.  We all hope that this may become an annual event so watch this space!