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ANA Aeroportos de Portugal has today publicly denied statements by the non-executive director of TAP in the Regional Assembly within the scope of the eventual commission of inquiry into the management of the company, which went towards charging airport charges when the aircraft do not land.

ANA says that these statements by Bernardo Trindade do not correspond to the truth, stating that “airport charges are only charged when there is an effective use of the infrastructure or services provided in the landing / embarkation / disembarkation”, emphasising that the same rates practiced by ANA ” respect the economic model of regulation defined before privatisation “.

In addition, he emphasises that “the value of airport charges per passenger in Madeira declined after privatisation. Between 2009 and 2017 the real decrease in the value of fees is € 1.66 and the nominal decrease of € 0.32; Airport charges in the case of Madeira have proved to be competitive and attractive, with the increase in air traffic in the specific case of Madeira Airports since privatisation, and using the same reference years, the volume of passengers in 2009 was 2.5 million passengers, exactly the same as 2013, the year of privatisation. ”

Since the privatisation, ANA has pointed out that air traffic and passenger volume have been increasing and by 2017 Madeira’s airports “had grown since the privatisation year almost 1 million passengers, approaching 3.4 million passengers processed in the year 2017 “.

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