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Madeiran businessman António Nóbrega has been authorised to build a hotel in the old facilities of ILMA (Dairy Industry of Madeira), which will be called “Four Views Formosa”, a four star unit with 256 beds.

According to a resolution published today in the Official Gazette of the Region, the executive authorised the increase in the number of beds, although the Tourism Planning Plan established for that place only 160, claiming that there are rules that allow the increase.

In September 2013, in the Judicial Court of Funchal, most of the creditors approved the closure of ILMA, a situation that sent about 60 workers to unemployment, and also voted for the liquidation of its assets.

The building was later acquired by the Madeiran businessman António Nóbrega.

In the resolution, the regional government claims “that the area where the project is being developed was a manufacturing area, deactivated a few years ago, which is degrading and which needs to be reconverted” and that “therefore, priority should be given to space urban renewal of the traditional / historical spaces and their maritime fronts “.

The project had previously been analysed by the Regional Tourism Secretary and will be implemented “in an area covered by the Urbanisation Plan of Amparo, which has capacity for the construction of a hotel unit.”

According to the document, the new hotel will be classified “as a four star hotel with a planned capacity of 128 accommodation units (82 double rooms and 46 suites) / 256 beds”.