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1st December is a public holiday in Madeira, Restoration of Independence Day 

On 1 December 1640, the country regained its independence once again by expelling the Spanish during the Portuguese Restoration of Independence War. This is a public holiday on Madeira.

The Christmas and New Year celebrations start this Saturday in Madeira and run until 6 January. The investment is 3.7 million euros and there are new features in the second phase announced this afternoon by Paula Cabaço.

They will be 250 hours of animation, with the involvement of bands and musical groups of the region. At the end of the year there will be two more fire stations at sea, a total of 38, on land and sea. There will also be a second place in Porto Santo on the quay. The fireworks are the responsibility of the Macedos pyrotechnics and will last eight minutes costing this investment 1.3 million euros.

In the port of Funchal will be 10 cruise ships on the night new year’s eve, to welcome in the new year with the spectacular firework display.