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The Regional Secretary for the Environment and Natural Resources will benefit, in Ribeira Brava, about 5,500 meters of forest paths, on clay soil.

According to the Secretary of Susana Prada, the intervention of the platform (4/5 meters wide), will promote the regularisation of the floor, including the deforestation of the vegetation on the way and the tracks (2 meters on each side), in order to avoid ignitions and the propagation of the fire from one side to the other.

“We will also proceed with the removal of the woody remains that impede the circulation of vehicles,” reads in a note, which says that the infrastructures of the drainage system of the roads, such as the trenches and transverse surface drains, will be regularised and cleaned , in order to guarantee its objectives.

All the depressions and holes in the floor will be filled with earth and compacted in order to avoid sliding.

According to the note, this intervention aims not only to promote a better management of forest areas, but also to protect people and property, by reducing the degree of difficulty of extinction that a fire offers to the means of combat.

The Regional Secretary for Environment and Natural Resources will travel tomorrow, November 9, at 12 noon, to Pico Ferreiro, in Ribeira Brava, to follow the beginning of the work.