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The situation at the airport is starting to improve, with the first of the larger planes just landing 15 mins ago.

At 2:30 pm 3 flights were cancelled, 11 had diverted and six were waiting for ‘window of opportunity’

Finally, it has landed at the Madeira International Airport, the first air plane of greater capacity on this rainy Monday. In the morning, only two of the more than 20 planned arrivals were made, with the two mid-sized aircraft operating on inter-island flights being Binter Canarias’ ATR from Porto Santo and Bombardier from Azores Airlines, coming from Ponta Delgada, Azores.

In the midst of the strong air constraint, caused by poor visibility on the approach to the runway, highlight an easyJet plane coming from Basel, Switzerland, which this morning was forced to diverge to Porto Santo. Early in the afternoon, the aircraft took off for Madeira, but after flying over Santa Cruz, it diverged again, heading now to the Canary Islands.

By 2:30 p.m., three flights, all from Lisbon, were reported as cancelled (6 between arrivals and departures), 11 had diverged and six were travelling between Madeira and Porto Santo, now profiling to make the approach and landing in Santa Cruz.

This Monday, traditionally at Madeira Airport, 38 arrivals were scheduled