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Just one last Friday Foto, to put a smile on your faces when you next check-in on my blog.

These photos are from Jane Darbyshire, with a lovely story to go with them.

Hi Tobi,

Just a note to let you know a bit about the photo I sent you.
Well, I emailed you I think last year telling you about a cat that had been dumped with her kittens.
I managed to re home one and unfortunately the other got attacked by a dog ( we think ) and had to be put to sleep.
Now, this little beauty is another product from the abandoned mother . He is called Coby and the photo was taken from my kitchen window. The view is from fajã do mar, I live on the old road to madalena do mar. I call it ” rock city”!
So, the mother  is now neutered, all the rest of the litter we found loving homes for.
It’s amazing that from a tragic act of cruelty this mother and kitten have bought so much fun into are lives.
Coby is the most sweet little kitten and I think he is rather dashing?